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Refurbished Cisco Routers

Refurbished Cisco routers are the solution related to Routing of Data, which is an Important part in any company that not only boosts the speed and productivity but also ensure the proper division of available resources among the company members. High end Routers are expensive but can help in reducing your efforts by providing you the best solution to achieve the same at much lower price companies choose our Cisco Refurbished Router.

Every business wants to own Cisco routers to create its own network. The networks products created by the Cisco company is integrated and responsive, and that is what makes it the most wanted router by all businesses. However, due to financial constraints, many companies opt for refurbished routers.

Being the market leader from past 7 years we understand that budget is an important parameter in every business thus at APS Telco & Network IT Solutions we help you in cutting down your expenses and raising your network security by offering the highest rated pre-owned quality tested used routers. Buying refurbished Cisco security products can be helpful to such businesses to prevent different type of attack like hacking, data breach and more.

Why should you go for pre-owned Cisco routers?

Every product’s value depreciates with time, and this holds for Cisco used routers thus secondary owners can purchase the old Cisco routers at a considerably lower price by still enjoying the benefits of the routers such as the quality and the performance of the pre-owned Cisco routers.

Despite many routers are available specially for refurbished Cisco servers in the Indian market today, most of the businesses adopt Cisco routers as it can create an intelligent and integrated network which are not only high performing but also secured.

Whether you run a business from home or have a large office, the network is an essential part of any business today. Invest in a brand-new Cisco router can be a wise decision only if you have surplus budget although investing in pre-owned Cisco routers performing precisely like a new will be considered as much wiser decision for all range of business.

Here are the top 4 reasons why and how refurbished Cisco routers are better than brand new router:

  • Whatever happens – happens within a month: Usually, the latest products break down in the first month of use. Since you are buying a refurbished Cisco router, you can be assured that if the router has worked flawlessly, then it will work in the same condition for a lifetime.
  • Better reliability: We will suggest you the best reliable models of Cisco routers. If you buy the brand-new routers, the company will surely hide the reliability rating. But, we resellers of refurbished Cisco routers test each and every used router before buying them. This ensures that we provide the right quality products along with high-reliability rating. For your information, the company only checks 50th or maybe 100th Cisco router for quality check. Hence, the reliability rate is lesser than re-sellers.
  • Spares part now won’t be an expense but investment: Those who buy brand new equipment by the company may look at spares as an unfortunate expense. The spare parts of these routers are expensive, but when you go for Cisco refurbished routers at a low price, then the costs of Cisco products won’t hurt you much.
  • Better warranty with used Cisco routers: The standard warranty offered by the company is 90-days but refurbished Cisco products come with a higher guarantee. If you are lucky, you could also get a product with a lifetime warranty. So, now no worries with wear and tear or damage of the Cisco items.

These reasons are quite lucrative to get you hunting for a refurbished Cisco product. We will rightly guide with a best quality router system that perfectly suits your business requirement.

Best Place to buy Refurbished Cisco routers

We are the pioneer dealers in selling the Pre-Owned Cisco routers and firewall routers which offers a broad range of technological solutions to all kinds of businesses, ranging from a small enterprise to large corporate. With our vast variety of used routers India, SME’s can get second hand Cisco routers with the highest speed which can boost the networking capabilities of the business. We at APS Telco & Network IT Solutions provide excellent quality high performing cisco routers to the businesses who have employees between 2 to 1000+. We can set up the router in your business thus ensuring you face a minimum of the minimum networking issues.

There are many businesses which uses servers or refurbished cisco servers and wireless controllers which are tested by our technicians. Unlike any other company, our team is dedicated to enhancing the customer experience, building a reputation and having excellent lead times. With more than half a decade of experience in this selling reconditioned Cisco equipment, we aim to deliver the best products to our customers at the best possible rates.

Apart from selling Cisco refurbished router, we are also dealers of Cisco firewall software which can enhance the entire business productivity. It has become essential today to protect the business network and provide security setup to all the employees working in your business. Get in touch with our team, and we will rightly guide you with the right Cisco product for your business. We also provide guidance and support after the product purchase. We ensure 100% customer satisfaction and the best customer service to all!