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The ever-changing distribution environment, customer expectations of personal experiences, environmental sustainability and the need for information may be more important than ever. 20% of hotel inquiries come from mobile phones, making it difficult for hoteliers to build the next generation of mobile phones before submitting accommodation agreements. Travelers engage in social media in a way that has never been seen before. It has become a challenge for hoteliers to manage the reputation of their product, understand their customers' feelings and resolve issues quickly.

As KPIs - Occupancy, ADR and RevPAR grow, the tourism industry is showing signs of resilience to the recession. This is an excellent time for hotel owners to make an unparalleled business value, expand geographically and deliver a memorable customer experience ultimately by relying on feasible analysis, rich dynamic content, solid background apps and communication engagement.

Happiest Minds Technologies has created a unique combination of services and solutions. This is based on the core technology pillars of Cloud computing, Social computing, Mobility and Analytics for Travel & Hospitality brands around the world so that you can do the following:

Increase Revenue:

Create an amazing customer experience with social CRM and offline, offline and mobile channel integration Create and manage a solid friendly mobile website / traditional app to - help customers with their bookings, take advantage of location-based services, mobile notifications, NFC, unpopular reality for taxpayers we see, certain computer features and management report statistics.

Improve Efficiency:

Collect possible information using integrated dashboards - Customer feedback, reviews, behaviors, revenue (rooms and related services), KPIs (Location, ADR, RevPAR), distribution channel functionality Integrate, test, uninstall and manage all operating software - PMS, Restaurant & Bar POS, Kitchen and Appliances Console, Inventory, Housing Storage, Distribution Station, Concierge and other facility management systems.

Manage risk:

Compliance with PCI compliance rules in terms of PCI-DSS 2.0 Ensure system efficiency by keeping multiple locations (testing, pre-existing, live) for all applications Protect infrastructure at all channels and establish integrated command and control over integrated IT and non-IT infrastructure