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Despite recent advances in technology, the education sector has struggled to take advantage of new opportunities brought by big data. As a result, a significant number of educational institutions are still making decisions based on speculation, rather than facts and metrics.

At Astera Software, we understand that intelligent data management education decisions can only be made when all human-related data and processes are integrated. Therefore, we provide technical education software with features that include data extraction, integration, asset storage, and EDI solutions to empower the education and training sector with data capacity and to improve student teaching and management activities.

Our Solutions

Get Fixed Views and Student Data Integration

Universities collect student data in various areas of the student life cycle, from employment to access to undergraduate students. By allowing for the integration of different data sources, Astera Centerprise's educational technology solutions provide institutions with a unified view of student data, thus giving them the opportunity to make progress in learning knowledge.

Develop Intelligence and Productivity Management

The university's information ecosystem encompasses a wide range of data and CRM systems. Our academic data integration solutions give university administrators a comprehensive view of data assets by enabling the integration of all modern data and assets without the need to write code itself.