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Gone are the days when the world of financial services focused on similar, stable, highly profitable business models. With innovation today in all sectors (crowd support, peer-to-peer lending, digital payments, bit coin, etc.) its time to take a closer look at what technology can offer a fixed provider of financial services. The future has great promise. Customer data has always been the key to making important decisions in the field of financial services. With access to confidential and sensitive customer data and transaction data, it is important to put in place strong policy and technical frameworks for data protection. The industry is also highly regulated and to prevent any data leaks, managing access rights and certification of employees (and customers) is important. A well-thought-out technology solution can help you protect your organization.

Our Solutions

  • Non-banking companies often pose a challenge to banks. Online payment sites remain a popular way for consumers to pay for goods online and digital wallets are becoming more and more popular.
  • The traditional and informal business models used by banks do not support such customer focus. Also, they do not fit well with today's digital standards.
  • Banking stations are always disconnected. For example, products and different locations compete for customer satisfaction.
  • One of the biggest challenges in banking is that it does not have the implementation of integrated distribution channels to measure customer information and coordinate all disconnected programs across the channel. Due to the lack of integrated distribution channels, banks are unable to track their customers' travel and channel performance accurately.

After using our solutions, you get the following feature set:

  • Targeted marketing and customer segregation to provide personal and client solutions to your customers.
  • Our Big Data Solution helps to analyze internal banking records for accurate business information.
  • Because of its predictive power, our Big Data solution can also help reduce risk by detecting fraud and risks in real time. So, our Big Data solution gives banks a better residential service than cyber criminals.
  • Allerin's Big Data solution helps with accurate budgeting, planning and forecasting of banking systems. It also helps to determine and define long-term and short-term banking goals.