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Cisco SFP Module

Cisco produces high-quality Small-Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) Modules that link your switches and routers to your network. SFP modules are present in Ethernet switches, NIC cards, firewalls, and routers, and they are necessary for fiber-optical connections. They are used by telecommunication, as well as data communications applications. There are single-mode SFP Modules as well as multimode SFP Modules as per the cable type used. Users can select the right transceiver as per the needed optical range for the network. The range of working of the SFP modules can range from 500 meters to 100 km. The rate of transmission of the SFP module is 100 Mbps to 4Gbps or more. SFP modules are rugged transceivers that can be used for industrial networking applications such as manufacturing, smart transport systems, etc.


Cisco SFP modules are the most preferred by users as they have many advantages over other modules. Some main features and benefits of Cisco SFP Modules are: They are hot-swappable and so are designed to optimize uptime and simplify serviceability You get the flexibility of choice between media and interface Its unique design makes it very reliable It enables DOM (Digital Optical Monitoring Capability) They are priced competitively and provide more value for money


  • 1000BASE – T used for copper networks
  •  1000BASE – SX SFP that is used for multimode fiber only 
  • 1000BASE – LX/LH SFP that can be suitable for both single-mode, as well as multimode fibers 
  • 1000BASE – EX SFP that is used for long-reach single-mode fibers 
  • 1000BASE – ZX SFP suitable for long-reach single-mode fibers 
  • 1000BASE – BX10-D and 
  • 1000BASE – BX10-U SFP used for single-fiber Bidirectional applications

 We help you with the best SFP module which will be useful for your company. Apart from solving your product-related queries, we also assist our customers with thorough support for after product sale.